DangoBuds Reviews 2021: Are These Wireless Earbuds Worth It?

Dango Buds are a set of earbuds that offer clear audio, which is further made clear with the noise-canceling benefits. The earbuds charge quickly, and they can be used in many different devices. Dango Buds are basically affordable wireless earphones that have been designed to help provide users with crystal clear sound.

Not only that, the device features active noise cancelling module (as well as a quick charging feature), thereby making it perfect for audiophiles looking for a high level of portability and aural output. From a design perspective, Dango Earbuds have been made using a high-quality plastic composite that is durable and quite attractive to look at. Furthermore, the device’s outer body features a white color scheme that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


What are Dango Buds?

When someone wants to listen to any kind of audio – whether it is their favorite song or an important phone call – outside noise can fully disrupt it. Most people struggle to listen to two sources of noise at once, and it can be both distracting and frustrating for an individual to filter through. Noise-canceling headphones have become an extremely popular solution, but much of their success focuses on covering the entire ear to prevent other noise from reaching the ear.

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As effective as this option may be for many consumers, these types of headphones can be bulky, and they aren’t the best option for individuals that need to move around or be inconspicuous. With many earbuds on the market, discreteness isn’t a problem, but the ability to drown out other noise can be. The use of the Dango Buds could be the solution that consumers need.

The Dango Buds have no cords or wires to get tangled in, connecting to any Bluetooth device. While the distance that users can go away from their smartphone or other audio sources isn’t stated, these headphones make it easier to work at a desk, listen to calls without handling a phone in traffic, and listen to music at the gym. Placing the device inside a purse or pocket should provide adequate proximity for the Dango Buds to still play the audio.

dangobuds review earpods

With Active Noise Canceling, users can hear the audio perfectly, regardless of the external noise where they may be. Rather than muffling the noise like other devices, this technology eliminates any other noises that can conflict with what the user is trying to hear. They can go through different audio tracks, answer and hang up calls, and more with one touch. They have all of the benefits as a regular pair of wireless earbuds, but they counteract the outside audio to prevent interruptions. Whether the user has an iOS or Android operating system, the Dango Buds should easily connect to other devices.

DangoBuds Features

While in use, customers will be able to get at least four hours of listening time, keeping up with lengthy times of being stuck in traffic or listening to podcasts. The earbuds don’t seem to have a microphone for phone calls, but the website repeatedly talks about taking and making calls.

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Why do I need these earbuds?

The in-ear earbuds DangoBuds address different target groups. The first target group of buyers includes all people who are annoyed by the cables of the in-ear earbuds for a longer time. Often the cables come into conflict with the hair or even the clothing. In everyday life, this is quickly perceived as a hindrance and limits the fun of listening to music or the latest episode of the favourite series. In the future, the missing cable will also save you having to untangle the cables. This is part of the daily routine for the majority of all users of classic headphones. Based on these few examples alone, it is easy to understand why DangoBuds buyers want to save time in using the product.

A second target group includes all people who are active in sports. In the gym, while cycling or jogging, the cables were sometimes rather annoying or fluttered with every gust of wind in the face. However, the individual in-ear headphones can not only solve this problem. The manufacturer advertises the DangoBuds as Active Noise Cancelling headphones. Disturbing everyday noises such as traffic or the voices of bystanders are to be filtered out simply by the technology. This technology is not completely infallible. Running next to a noisy construction site also takes Active Noise Cancelling to its limits.

DangoBuds Review

DangoBuds evaluation and recommendation

The DangoBuds are connected via Bluetooth to devices like:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Laptops
  3. tablets
  4. Computers

connected. If the devices lack Bluetooth, the connection cannot be established and the transmission of audio signals to the earbuds fails. Due to the continuous development of Bluetooth, the synchronization of the sound in both in-ear earbuds is no problem. The signals should reach both your left and right ear simultaneously. Listening to music or making phone calls should therefore work just as well as with wired headphones.

The manufacturer also refers to the built-in HD microphone several times in the product description on the website. The transmission of your voice should therefore reach your conversation partners just as clearly and distinctly. The microphone also focuses on the voice and should filter out most of the ambient noise. Even in large groups of people you should be able to have a conversation without raising your voice. There are also advantages to having the microphone placed directly in the headphones. With wired earbuds, the microphone often had to be repositioned several times during the conversation so that your voice is not muffled by your hair or clothing.

The manufacturer enables the DangoBuds to be charged directly in the storage box. This has the advantage that both batteries of the earbuds receive new energy at the same time. The batteries also last for several hours, so recharging does not necessarily have to be done every day. No power plug is used for the charging process itself, only a type C USB cable. The cable is included in the delivery. Except for the power consumption there are no direct follow-up costs with the purchase of the DangoBuds.

DangoBuds technical facts

DangoBuds Specifications
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection
  • integrated HD microphone for telephone calls
  • Charging the battery via USB Type-C
  • Active Noise Cancelling included
  • stable connection with up to 10 meters distance to the device

How Does DangoBuds Work?

The DangoBuds offer a fantastic audio experience, all DangoBuds reviews say. Whether you’re listening to music on the subway or taking a call walking through the park – they offer the user top performance in a variety of environments. With the DangoBuds, you get a form-factor that’s even more slimline than the Sony WX1000XM3, with a better feel in-ear.

Dango Buds Features

The sound from these buds is incredible, with clarity and roundness, and not too much bass to drown out the sound. If you’re a fan of pop, country, and classic rock music, these earphones will be a great choice.

The adaptive sound experience from these earbuds allows you to switch profiles automatically when taking calls. You get full wireless control over your listening experience. The buds offer you tap-control over the volume, track selection, and pause/play without needing to go to your device.

The buds are fantastic for taking incoming calls and alerting you of calls and messages while listening to other media. The DangoBuds have a good fit, and throughout the testing, we experienced no issues with the earbuds falling out. They have a snug, but not overbearing fit, and won’t bother you for hours.

DangoBuds reviews and opinions

The company that offers the DangoBuds for sale uses the existing sales site on the Internet to highlight the advantages of the earbuds such as listening to music without wires. However, there are two points that are also met with criticism from users who express their opinion about this product on the Internet.

The first point concerns the earbuds’ Active Noise Cancelling technology. Based on the manufacturer’s description, this feature is presented as more solid than what the buyers experience in everyday life. To banish the complete ambient noise from the ears to 100% is not possible with the DangoBuds. On the other hand, you can listen to music or concentrate on a podcast much better on your way to work or school in public transport. The distractions caused by other voices are significantly reduced with the Noise Cancelling.

The second point shows up at the stable Bluetooth connection promised by the manufacturer, which is to be present up to a distance of 10 meters to the device. Here the largest deviations to the manufacturer promises show up in the opinions of the buyers. In an open-plan office it is possible for you to get up without the cell phone and still be able to listen to music or make phone calls.

If there are several walls in between or if you want to adjust the machine in the laundry room, the connection can break despite the distance of less than 10 meters. With this feature of the earbuds you have to experiment a little bit at the beginning, so that you know how far away you can go before for example a phone call becomes impossible.

What about the DangoBuds quality?

The manufacturer of the DangoBuds comes from the USA. Whether the earbuds are manufactured there or at another location, the supplier leaves open in the descriptions. Descriptions that are to be taken as an indicator for the quality of the products, such as Made in Germany, are completely missing on the website. As with any technical device, you should take a close look at the workmanship of the products you receive after ordering. If you see any defects in the materials or sharp edges where you could injure yourself, it is better to make use of the existing right of exchange.

What are the Pros of DangoBuds?

  • Excellent form-factor for comfortable in-ear fit
  • Active Noise-Canceling (ANC) functionality
  • Fast and stable No-Drop connectivity to your mobile device with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Smart HD calls featuring restored, life-like sounds
  • Extensive standby battery life, up to 77-hours
  • Charging case included
  • Wireless charging capability
  • Complete accessory kit included with your purchase
  • Effortless control with finger-touch easy operation
  • Affordable price point

What are the Cons of DangoBuds?

  • Earbuds are on promotion at time of testing; the price might increase shortly
  • They are available only online

Why Choose Dango Buds?

The DangoBuds are top performers in the wireless earbud category, all DangoBuds reviews can attest. Considering the DangoBuds earbuds price, we think they deserve serious consideration for your next set of earbuds. The DangoBuds give you all the same functionality of the top leading brands, without the hefty price tag.

Long Battery Life

Much like many other premium wireless earphones available in the market today, Dango Buds feature a powerful battery system that can allow users to enjoy an uninterrupted music listening experience/talktime for up to 4 hours.

Also, in terms of its charging potential, the central dock that comes with these earphones are designed to replenish Dango’s battery in a highly quick and efficient manner.

Audio Quality

According to the manufacturer, the audio drivers that have been used to create these earphones are of an extremely high quality and offer amazing sound output. While we cannot confirm any of these claims, the folks behind Dango have also mentioned on their website that their aforementioned product offers users audiophile-grade sound.


Whether one is listening to music, podcasts, talks, or lectures, Dango Buds provides users with crystal-clear audio playback at all times. Additionally, it should also be pointed out that the in-built microphone that the product comes with delivers high-definition (HD) output.


As with most premium wireless buds, this offering allows users to operate their smartphones (i.e., receive calls, change music, etc.) using a few buttons that have been conveniently placed on the side end of these earphones.

Amazing Compatibility

As mentioned earlier, Dango Buds are compatible with any device that offers users with audio-based Bluetooth functionality. As a result of this, they can be used with old as well as new smartphones without any issue at all.

Positive Testimonials

A quick look online shows us that several people (all over the world) who have made use of Dango Buds seem to be extremely satisfied with their purchase. To be a bit more specific, there currently exist 100+ testimonials regarding these earphones.

In fact, some users claim that the overall sound quality of Dango is much better than their more expensive earphones (that too from premium brands such as Apple, JBL, Astell and Kern, Shure, AKG, etc.).

Other Aspects Worth Highlighting

Dango Earbuds are currently being sold for a 50% discount, thereby allowing users to purchase a single pair for just $79.90. Not only that, the purchase of two or more units can allow users to obtain even larger discounts.

According to the manufacturer, the earpods can be fully charged in less than an hour. In addition to featuring a simple operational outlay, Dango Earbuds even come preloaded with audio drivers that can actively cancel out any noise that one may be surrounded by or exposed to.

Each purchase comes backed by a full refund guarantee in case users are not entirely satisfied with their purchase quality.

Dango Buds are extremely affordable, especially when compared with some of the premium wireless earphones that are being sold in the market today.

Where can I buy DangoBuds?

DangoBuds are currently only sold through the website created by the manufacturer. On the website you have the opportunity to inform yourself about the product and then with just one click you can get to the order form for the ear buds. If you decide to buy the earbuds at the moment, you can benefit from discounts between 50 and 66%. The earbuds are available for listening to music or making phone calls with one pair as well as a set of two, three or four of the DangoBuds in one delivery. If you would like to keep a pair in reserve or give them to your partner or friends, the purchase of the sets is the perfect opportunity to do so.

As a means of payment you can use credit cards like:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Mastercard

use. If you have your own Paypal account, you can also use it to complete the payment. For the delivery to Germany you have to expect higher shipping costs. From the time of the successful delivery the 30-day right of return begins, which the merchant grants you. This also applies to small packages that were left with a neighbor. If you are out of town at this time, you may want to ask a friend to pick up the package so that you don’t exceed the exchange deadline if necessary.

Purchasing Dango Buds

Users will have access to a few different packages to choose from at the official website, depending on how many pairs of the Dango Buds that they want at once. Ordering more than one at a time helps to drop the cost per item, which helps consumers who consistently want to have a charged pair available to them. Every set comes with its own carrying case to protect the earbuds while they aren’t in use.

The current packages available are:

Frequently Asked Questions About Dango Buds?

How do consumers use Dango Buds?

Since they are wireless, the Dango Buds connect to any device with Bluetooth capability. Once the user activates their Bluetooth pairing and turns on the Dango Buds, they should link up fairly quickly. The users can place them in the ear comfortably and wear them for hours of use.

Will the battery of the smartphone that is connected to the Dango Buds die quickly?

Not at all. The headphones use minimal battery power from whatever device that the user links to it.

What smartphones can the Dango Buds be linked to?

The majority of smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets will work with these headphones, using a Bluetooth connection. It works with both Android and Apple models, as long as they can be paired.

How long do users have to wait for the earbuds to charge?

From 0% to 100% power, the total charging time is about 40 to 50 minutes.

How do the Dango Buds cancel out the noise?

The Dango Buds are as effective as they are due to their Active Noise Control. Active Noise Control is a tech that uses the opposite soundwaves to cancel out the outside noise, allowing users just to hear what they intend to listen to. Though some headphones create a muffled sound, the Dango Buds completely eliminate the other sound.

What if the user is unhappy with the performance of the Dango Buds?

Consumers have up to 30 days to return the earbuds for a refund. However, they will not be reimbursed for the cost of shipping.

How Can The Dangobuds Be Connected To A Cell Phone Or Notebook?

The DangoBuds can be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. There is no alternative to using Bluetooth. If one of your devices does not have this radio connection, no cable can be attached alternatively. Before buying DangoBuds you should therefore check whether the existing devices have Bluetooth.

What Energy Source Do The Dangobuds Use?

DangoBuds use rechargeable batteries to listen to music and make phone calls. Each of the earbuds has a separate battery. The charging station is already in the storage box, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time recharging. There you simply insert the in-ears. The charging indicator shows you if the battery is already fully charged. If the battery is fully charged, the indicator turns green and you can use the DangoBuds as usual. The charging stations in turn get their power from a handy USB type-C cable. This cable is already included in the delivery, so there are no additional costs.

How Much Time Is Needed For The Recharge?

A: The manufacturer of the DangoBuds states that it takes between 40 and 50 minutes to fully charge the batteries. The charging station and the required USB charging cable type C are part of the offer. If you are using a laptop for charging, the charging station can only access the energy of the battery, so the remaining energy should be sufficient for this purpose.

Final Verdict – Are DangoBuds the Best Wireless Earbuds?

Dango Buds provide users with a compact but effective way to listen to audio without any kind of interruptions. In a protective case that comes with every pair, users can keep them conveniently in a bag, pocket, drawer, or anywhere else without worrying about tangled wires. The earbuds work with any device that has Bluetooth capability and offers four hours of use before it needs to be recharged. Even when the battery needs to power back up, the total charging time is less than an hour. Plus, users can order more than one set at a time to make sure that they always have a spare (and fully charged) pair.

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