Photostick Reviews 2021 – The Best Photo Backup Device

ThePhotoStick Review: ThePhoto Stick offers a convenient way to find videos and pictures on your computer. It does not require any special software and performs a full scan in just a few minutes. You probably get tired of trying to organize all your photos and keeping them backed up so that you don’t lose them. This takes a lot of time, and it can feel monotonous when you have to do all of that saving, organizing and backing up on your own. If your computer crashes, you could lose all that carefully stored information and all those files, photos and videos that are important to you. Imagine losing your wedding photos or personal family videos that are very dear to you.

It would be an incredible loss, and the PhotoStick offers you a way to keep all of that safe without the hassle of manually and individually backing everything up. We want to review this product for you and tell you about how well it works. Is it a timesaver and a reliable source of storage or is it something that is bested by other similar products out there? You will have the answers to these questions and more after reading our PhotoStick review.


Please note that photostick review covers the desktop computer version of the Photostick, and if you want more information about the mobile version, you can check out our photostick mobile review. This version of Photostick that we are reviewing here is designed for desktop computers laptops and iPads primarily. Make sure your device is compatible with Photostick before you purchase and ensure that you buy the right kind of PhotoStick for your needs and devices.

What is PhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick® is a small USB thumbdrive that instantly backs up your priceless memories WITHOUT the frustration of searching and organizing them yourself!

This is a type of a storage device that has resemblance with a flash drive. It doesn’t only work as storage because it is also capable of retrieving lost data. Meaning to say, the fear of losing any important data can no longer be your problem. It comes in different colors and varied storage capacities.

the photostick

The Photo Stick has arrived to keep your pictures and videos, up to 60,000 of them, secure and safe in its memory. Having a backup is essential in case anything occurs to your main modem or hard drive, such as a commonly used laptop. You will need the mobile version of the PhotoStick if you wish to use it directly on your smartphones.

The Photostick comes with a built-in app that allows you to easily transfer all your media files in one simple step so you can rest assured that you have every memory safely guarded.

ThePhoto Stick is a lightweight, and compact USB thumb drive that scans your archives, finds your photos, and saves them instantly. No technical know-how is needed to use ThePhotoStick. ThePhotoStick is a revolutionary tool intended to back up data in seconds. It just looks like the pen drive you’ve already got. It contains software that searches for images you lost across directories. ThePhotoStick not only operates on photographs, but it can also find documents and video records. ThePhoto Stick can keep your photos and videos in its memory (up to 60,000 of them, and that’s a crazy amount) safe and protected.

It is important to create a backup in case something unexpected happens to your modem or hard drive because uncertainty is inevitable.

Why Photo Stick Is So Simple to Use?

You don’t need to be a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist to use ThePhoto stick. (Yes, this is a secret Tony Stark fan page) Considering Jarvis isn’t here to backup photos for you, let’s learn how photostick makes your life easy.

ThePhotoStick is designed specifically to find personal photos and videos on your laptop or computer. Only pick “Go” and plug it in, it will take about 10-20 minutes for its magic to work. It will look through all the folders and directories on your computer to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. It deletes all duplicate files afterward, so you don’t need to stress yourself about deleting them. Just unplug PhotoStick, and you’re done! All the photos and videos are now on this teensy-tiny USB. After you get photo stick backup, you can access these images on a different computer to share them with others, or print out some pictures!

photostick review

The PhotoStick functions best on ordinary JPEG files. As long as your PC is saving files in this format, they can be found later. It can also scan for files stored in formats like MPEG4 and MOV, such as videos. You can also customize the tool to let it scan for certain kinds of files, including PNG photos. This software may be used for pictures you import from the web. It does a good job of remembering previous images, which stops it from creating new copies of the same data.

ThePhotoStick Features

ThePhotoStick is a small device that automatically backs up your cherished memories without the hassle of searching and organizing yourself!

  • Simple to use – Specially built file backup software is easy to understand irrespective of your experience with technology.
  • Works on Android, iOS, iPad, and iPod Touch – Just plug the PhotoStick in to get going.
  • Easily transfer to your desktop – Keep your files backed-up on ThePhotoStick or connect them into a USB port to transfer everything to your computer.
  • One-Click Backup – This device simply backs up all your memories by plugging in the USB port and clicking the’ GO ‘ button. Just one click away to store all your memories.
  • Compatible with all media formats – Most media types such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more can be viewed. You can put all the old and new images in this small memory stick.
  • Fast and Automatic – This has built-in applications and is very quick and efficient. It works very speedily and has an automated program.
  • No Internet Required – No internet connection is required, so the backup can be performed at any time. It functions like a hard drive, works online and offline as well.

How Does Photostick Work?

If you assume that Photostick works like an ordinary flash drive would, you’re partly right. This little gadget looks similar to a flash drive and has a USB that will work on any available port on your computer. You’ll need to make sure that your computer is on and running before you insert the tool into one of those ports. It will typically take a few seconds before a window pops up on your computer. This window will have a single button in the center with “Go” in the middle. Once you press this button, it gives the tool permission to access your hard drive.

The Photo Stick reviews we saw claimed that it works fairly fast. Depending on the size of your computer and the number of files on your hard drive, a full scan will take anywhere from 60 seconds to a few minutes to run. ThePhotoStick finds files that you thought you lost and searches for videos and pictures. You can also use it to search for documents and music files. It will create a backup of your files that you can then access on other devices. As long as you have a USB port, you can use Photostick.

Photo Stick Reviews

How Many Photos Can You Save?

A common question that many shoppers have is about how many photos and other documents they can back up with this device. The simple answer is that it depends on which model you buy. Amazon offers the base model, which is the Photo Stick 8. This model offers 8 GB of storage, which is enough for storing up to 3,500 photos. The 64 model has 64 GB of storage and can hold up to 30,000 photos. You’ll also find the Photo Stick 128, which is the largest model available. It can hold an impressive 60,000 photos and offers 128 GB of storage space.

One thing to keep in mind as you read ThePhotoStick reviews is that the amount of storage you get depends on the size of your files. Though most models will store at least 3,500 pictures, they will hold fewer videos. Video files are larger in size and will take up more space. You’ll get less space if you store a number of larger documents or songs on your tool too. It’s also important that you keep in mind the size of your computer’s hard drive. If you have a larger hard drive with more saved documents, you may want to go with one of the large models.

Where Can You Use PhotoStick?

There are thousands of flash drives that you can buy and use today. Some have a simple look and are similar to Photostick, but others look like some of your favorite characters and items such as a can of soda or Hello Kitty. If you ever used a flash drive before, you already know how to use ThePhotoStick. It only takes a few seconds to plug it into your computer and a few minutes for it to perform a full search. You might look at this little gadget and assume that it won’t work for you because you run a different operating system or have a different type of computer. Photostick is compatible with most systems though.

The Photo Stick USB is compatible with both older and newer computers running a Windows operating system. It works with Windows XP, Vista and 7 as well as modern versions of both Windows 8 and 10. You can also use it on a Mac that runs any OS version that is at least 10.6. This is perfect for using on that old computer you had in college or high school. As long as it runs one of these operating systems and has a USB port, you can use it to recover all your old videos and pictures.

What Files Can ThePhotoStick Find?

Have you ever uploaded photos to your computer from your phone and forgot to change the file names before saving them? Most systems will assign a name to those photos that include numbers. If you need to find a specific photo later and can’t remember the name assigned to it or the date that you took it, you may have a hard time locating that image. Photostick reviews often point out how well this gadget works on both pictures and other types of files. Not only does it work quickly, but it can locate any photos saved on your hard drive and create backups of those images.

ThePhotoStick works best on standard JPEG files. As long as your computer saves those files in this format, you can find them later. It will also search for files saved in MPEG4 and MOV formats such as videos. You can adapt the tool and have it search for other file types such as PNG photos too. Some of the pictures you download from the web or those you take and edit may use this format. It does a good job of remembering those photos too, which keeps it from creating new backups of the same files in the future.

Who’s This for?

Even if you never suffered a hard drive failure yourself, you probably know someone who has. Experts recommend that you back up your hard drive on a regular basis. Not only can you save your files to an external hard drive or a flash drive, but you can also backup your system in the cloud. As long as you recall your username and password, you can view your files in the cloud later. The Photostick reviews that we found claimed that this is a solid tool for those who forget to back up their systems. You can actually leave it plugged into a USB port and set up future reminders. This lets you know when you need to back up your computer. ThePhotoStick can automatically scan and backup those files on a date that you pick too.

We think Photo Stick is a good choice for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of losing their photos. If you’re like most people, your computer probably has copies of vacation photos and pictures that you took on special occasions. The cost of finding files on a fried or damaged hard drive is quite high. You can get Photostick and back up your files for much less.

How to Run Photostick?

The chances are good that even after reading about this software tool that you still aren’t quite sure what to do with it. Once you remove the stick from its packaging, you’ll see that it has a small cap on the top. You need to open this cap to reveal the USB stick that extends out from the tool. After finding a free port on your computer, simply insert the stick into that port. You may need to turn it over to make sure that it fits. Most computers will automatically recognize the tool and issue a window that lets you run it.

If you do not see this window, you can open My Computer and look for the USB icon. It should show that there is something inside that port. Once you double click on it, the computer will authorize the Photostick software to run. If you have a Mac that won’t run the stick, you may need to search for the USB option on your computer. You also have the option of opening your file manager and typing the extension name of the stick into the box, which will force it to run. Once it finishes running, you have the option of removing the stick or leaving it plugged into your computer.

What Makes The Photo Stick Different From Other Devices?

There’s certainly no shortage of backup options that you can use to preserve your images. You could already be using one of these:

  • A USB Thumb Drive
  • A Cloud-Based Backup System
  • CDs

There is nothing wrong with either of those methods in theory. They all let you copy files to them. However, there are certain things that make ThePhotoStick a safer option for people who have to conserve a lot of images.

  • ThePhotoStick is exclusively designed to comfortably store your photographs, with minimum fuss.
  • You can let The Photo Stick do the job for you instead of spending hours combing through your folders and searching through duplicates.
  • Photo Stick has plug-and-play functionality, which means that all you need to do is plug it into your device, and when asked, press the Go button. No other form of backup is this simple.
  • The Photo Stick is greatly preferable to disk storage because it will accommodate the largest size of images ( up to 60,000 )
  • The Photo Stick can easily save JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG 4 File, as well as BMP, TIFF, and AVI Files – and a lot more. It stores all formats, pictures, videos, and documents.

There are thousands of flash drives that can be bought and used today. Most look flat and mimic Photostick or come in other quirky designs. You would also know how to use ThePhotoStick if you’ve ever used a flash drive before. It only takes a couple of seconds to plug it into your computer, and a couple of minutes to complete a scan. ThePhoto stick is compliant with most devices.

Unlike its counterparts, ThePhotoStick is compatible with older and modern computers that run a Windows operating system. This operates with both Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and new Windows 8 and 10 models. You can also use it with a Mac, running on a 10.6 version or more. This is perfect for storing your old pictures and videos from your old computer. So long as it runs one of these operating systems and has a USB port, all of your old videos and pictures can be restored using it.

What is the uses of Photo Stick?

The photo stick backup is good for storing data. This device can address the problem of storing your data. You can store up to 60, 000 pictures in this device. It is also capable of retrieving lost files. It has a software or app which is design to help you retrieve your lost files. Detecting media files can be easily done with the use of this device. It will help you in choosing your photos immediately. Therefore, you can save time and effort since you will not be manually looking for all the stored files. Aside from that, it can also sort your data. This particular device is capable of helping you in sorting your files. Your files will be then organized, and you can easily locate them.

Organizing GBs and GBs of stuff from one place to another on your personal computer can be a lot of tiring and time-consuming work. The time you could otherwise spend more productively. All would not matter if some fatal stuff were to happen to your computer, and all your data and memories disappear into thin air. A photostick is used worldwide for backing up all your data. There are a lot of types of photo sticks depending on the storage capacity and several other things, for example, design and the aesthetic look. The best thing about this device is that; you do not necessarily have to practice on it.

The photo stick will search through your data and saves stuff instantly on its very own while you sit back and let that process happen. The default capacity of a fire-stick is up to 60k photos, whether they be marriage photo or from a party, to use the fire-stick you can do so via the mobile phone app. It might look like a standard flash drive, but a regular flash drive does not search through your files automatically to find the pictures and the videos you might have lost. As mentioned above, the quality of the photo sticks vary. For example, the smallest one, cheap with affordable budget, can store up to 8 GBs of data in it, and the better version of the device can store double that; that is 64 GBs with image storage of about 4k to 40k.

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The most expensive and the most convenient photo sticks can store a stunning 128 GBs of your data in them, with the number of JPEGs varying from 60 thousand to 80 thousand. Photo sticks are miles more convenient and reliable that your typical day to day flash drives. It is because the photo sticks arrive with built-in applications that you can access from your phone, leaving almost zero percent chance of losing your data. You might have seen ads and deals and premium versions of a device or applications which will keep eating up your budget monthly if you want to continue using that particular app.

Still, with photo stick, there are no such deals every device in an ideal one, which is at its premium already. Before switching your windows or changing your computer, you have to do yourself is plug in the photo stick and sit back and wait for about 10 minutes (depending on the data stored in your computer). The photo stick will delete the files, images, videos, and music files that are duplicated by the user mistakenly in the past and will store all the computer data in it. Rest assured, you can stick it back to your new computer to transfer all the data in a matter of minutes.

User photo stick reviews are always great about photo stick because it offers the full capability of swift and automatic service, compatibility with all the media formats (mp3, mp4, exe, JPEG, etc.) and other cool things. There is no need for the internet required for a photo stick to work correctly or at all. For all these reasons, it’s the most top-rated user choice worldwide.

The Photo Stick Pros Cons

Photo Stick is just like any other device that has its advantages and disadvantages. So lets see some pros and cons of the renowned device.

The Photo Stick Pros

Compact and Handy The Photo Stick is a really small and handy tool, with a size of regular USB pen drive, you can use the device with your laptop while travelling. Super fast Back-up Just plug the device to your laptop, and it will take the same amount of time for Photo Stick to back up your photos as it took you for reading this sentence.

Thousands of files that you can back-up Photo Stick comes in various variants of 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB where you can store more than 60,000 files. Runs automatically Photo Stick doesnt ask for much attention, it’s a one time thing where it asks for setup and then it automatically does its job without any need of cross checking

Files just a click away In the sea of photos, videos and documents you can easily search for any file with just a click, thanks to the search option! No twinning If by any mistake you back up the same file twice, Photo Stick will automatically delete one of the duplicated files.

User- Friendly Anyone can use the device as it is that easy to maneuver. Worth the price If there is one thing that Photo Stick does absolute justice with is the price of it.

The Photo Stick Cons

With great features comes some bad reviews. Photo Stick is not a device like a perfect device like the wheel, but its still revolutionary. Here are some downfalls of the device

Difficult to get hands on Photo Stick is only available on the online platforms, and due to this reason it gets out of stock within a short period of time. Though the company is trying to increase production but this step will take a lot of time as the set up of factories and all other factors pitch in to hinder the production. At this moment getting a Photo Stick is a game of luck.

No 32 GB variant Photo Stick comes in three variants of 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. These three variants are good but 16 GB variants are often the choice for many customers.

The Photo Stick Benefits

Photo Stick installation only requires inserting the drive into the computer, everything after that Photo Stick will handle. The whole process will take around 10-20 minutes, it actually depends on the amount of the files you have to transfer. There is no need of manually selecting the flies and saving it to the cloud, it will be done automatically by the device. With Photo Stick you can forget the command “ctrl+c” “ctrl+v”.

Photo Stick will also get rid of the duplicate files, so you dont have to search for the twin one and delete it manually. Once the file has been backed up, you can look into the file anywhere with any other PC. Photo Stick installation only requires inserting the drive into the computer, everything after that Photo Stick will handle. The whole process will take around 10-20 minutes, it actually depends on the amount of the files you have to transfer. There is no need of manually selecting the flies and saving it to the cloud, it will be done automatically by the device. With Photo Stick you can forget the command “ctrl+c” “ctrl+v”.

Photo Stick will also get rid of the duplicate files, so you dont have to search for the twin one and delete it manually. Once the file has been backed up, you can look into the file anywhere with any other PC.

Technical Specifications of The Photo Stick

The Photo Stick is compatible with all computer operating software systems. Photo Stick works in Windows 7, XP, as well as Windows ten and eight. Photo Stick will work in all these operative systems that feature a USB port.

Should You Buy Photostick?

When it comes to buying new products, especially tech products, you probably turn to your family and friends for advice. If you have someone who works as a tech specialist or has a computer science degree, you likely trust their advice over the recommendations given to you by anyone else. We want you to feel confident in trusting us when it comes to new tech tools and gadgets. Our team has years of experience reviewing and using tech products such as ThePhotoStick. We worked with our team to create a full list of all the pros and cons, which we compiled here for shoppers looking for a Photo Stick review.

How Much will The Photo Stick Cost?

The best place to get a Photo Stick on the net is either from the official manufacturer or on the Amazon platform. Each site has some benefits for shoppers nowadays. Youll be able to read all about the market products and compare them. You will find a link to the official website within the Resources and, therefore, the more Reading section below—free choices area unit all on the market from this website. Youll realize some particular rating on the market too. The location typically runs deals that permit you to urge product for fewer or get an agreement after you furnish bulk.

Where to Buy The Photo Stick?

The PhotoStick should be purchased on their main website for best results. This is also the only way to keep the 30-day refund valid. You can purchase a PhotoStick at the Official website.

Frequently asked questions about The Photo Stick

What Files will The Photo Stick we tend to find?

Have you ever uploaded photos from your phone to your pc and forgot to alter the file names before saving them? Most systems can assign a name to those photos that grasp numbers if you want to seek out a selected image later and cannot keep in mind the name connected or might have a tough time finding that image. Photo Stick reviews usually signify; however, well, this widget works on each picture and alternative styles of files. It completely works quickly. However, it will find any photos saved on your Winchester drive and make backups of these pictures.

The Photo Stick works best on JPEG files. As long as the pc saves those files during this format, youll be able to realize them. Itll work on data collected in MOV and MPEG4 formats. You’ll be able to adapt the tool and appearance for alternative file varieties like PNG photos too. Many of the pictures you transfer from the net or those you take and edit might use this format. It will do an excellent job of memorizing those photos, too, that keeps it from making new backups of identical files.

How Many Photos are you able to Save?

Many shoppers have a standard question concerning what number photos and alternative documents theyll keep a copy with the assistance of this device. The solution is that it depends on the model we tend to obtain. Amazon offers a very cheap model, which is a Photo Stick 8. This model provides 8 GB of storage that stores up to five hundred pictures. The Photo Stick 64 model has 64 GB of storage and should delay to 30,000 photos. We will know Photo Stick 128, which is the largest model on the market. It will hold 60,000 pictures and offers 128 GB of memory for storing.

How to operate a Photo Stick?

The chances are good that even when reading regarding this coding tool that you simply still arent quite sure what to try to do with it. Once you take away the Stick from its packaging, youll see that its a tiny low cap on the highest. You would like to open this cover to reveal the USB stick that extends out from the tool. When finding a free port on your pc, merely insert the Stick into that port. Most computers can mechanically acknowledge the device and issue a window that allows you to run it.

If you do not see this window, you should open My pc and there you can use the USB icon. It ought to show that theres one thing within that port. Once you double-click thereon, the pc can authorize the Photo Stick code to run. If youve got a waterproof that wont run the Stick, youll seek for the USB possibility on your pc. You furthermore might have the choice of gaping your file manager and writing the extension name of the Stick into the box, which can force it to run. Once it finishes running, you can remove the Stick or transfer it prevented into you.

Why must you Get a PhotoStick?

Hard Drives mostly fails to identify. Mobile Phones fail all the time, one drop and youll lose all of your files. This tool doesnt need web affiliation further. It doesnt have something to try and do with the cloud, which makes it safe.

The Photo Stick Review – Final Verdict

Our experiences and the photo stick reviews we found helped us determine whether our readers would recommend this product. Having looked at all the available information and how this tool operates, we thought it’s a good product for anyone who uses a computer and saves hundreds of pictures in that unit.

It is best to use Photostick if you want to have a simple and efficient backup feature for all your media files, such as images, photographs, and others. This tiny gadget will store a lot of files and create a backup for them. This process of backing up cherished memories has never been more easy and affordable. All the work of sorting out, arranging, is handled by this stick, which is so great for its size.

No matter how careful you are, the simplest of mistakes will result in a catastrophic failure of your hard drive. A visitor might spill a glass of water on your computer, or if you lose your balance on the stairs, you might drop your laptop. Hard drive crashes can also occur due to viruses, or get overheated. In reality, certain viruses will take over the entire operating system and stop you from accessing your files.

ThePhotoStick is a helpful device that can be used by anyone. As long as you’ve got a USB port on your laptop, you can just plug it in and start backing up your files, which would be available to you If your program ever crashes. It works best on videos and photos and is compliant with most plugins and formats, but it also can backup music files and documents. A majority of the reviews we came across on Photo Stick were positive. That feedback encouraged us to feel comfortable in promoting ThePhotoStick to users wanting to find a simple and secure way to back up their data. We hope you know sufficient about the Photo Stick to give it a try; trust us, it is a great investment.

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