PrintX Pro Review 2021 – Best Portable Bluetooth Printer

Like any other monochrome thermal printer, PrintX Pro Pocket Photo Printer Label Creator ($99) is not much of a photo printer, despite its name. Plus, all of the “pocket” or “portable” photo printers we’ve tested are color machines. The printer PrintX Pro is however a good thermal mark, sticker, and receipt printer, and by far the smallest printer of the kind we’ve tested.

Printx Pro Features

The label printer is not nearly as fast and flexible as Brother’s home-and small office-oriented P-touch Cube and P-touch Cube Plus. But it prints easily and well enough to act as a lightweight, ultra-mini multipurpose labeller, sticker builder, and receipt printer for home and micro office use.

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What is PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro is the mini portable Bluetooth printer that will allow you to have photos in your hand instantly, or any document up to 5.8cm that you may need. It’s as simple as having a Polaroid, but with the ability to also print text and other files instantly and wherever you are.

This new printing system is very easy to install and use, as it does not require cables. You just have to install the software and connect the device from which you want to print images to the PrintX Pro portable printer via Bluetooth. It can be paired with several devices, and is compatible with computer, tablet and smartphone.

printxpro Review

Now you can take selfies and photos with your family and friends, and print beautiful grayscale photos with the PrintX Pro mini portable bluetooth printer for a nice memory. Additionally to this, you can print files in pdf, gif, jpg format and send texts and backgrounds with which to also have Stickers, labels, notes, etc.

PrintX Pro Features

  • Print On Stickers And Common Labels
  • Thermal Technology Never Ending No Ink Consumption
  • Completely Wireless Fast Connection
  • Print On Large 58mm Width Labels
  • Compatible With Apple iOS, Google Android and MS Windows
  • Print whatever you want
  • Printing All You Like: Support multiple functions, it can print photos, labels,messages, lists, records, QR Code, web printing and so on. The APP offers a variety of fonts and themes to make your photos stylish.
  • Useing thermal printing, which means it doesn’t need any ink to print! Compatible with all smartphones on the market! Computers can also be connected to print.

PrintX Pro – Inexpensive to Use

Given its limitations, this compact printer is remarkably inexpensive to use—one of its most appealing qualities.

It supports low-cost paper rolls designed for credit card (and other types of) receipt machines, and it and a few other similar devices) has been popular in Asia and parts of Europe for some time encouraging the production of many types of compatible media.


You can buy many colors and configurations, such as die-cut labels (including transparent plastic and decorative labels), continuous adhesive sticker paper and non-adhesive all-purpose rolls.

How to use PrintX Pro Mini Portable Thermal Printers?

No-Brainer Installation and the PrintX Pro App

The installation consists of charging a printer with a mini USB cable attached to your device or a compatible mobile adapter.

Then install the PrintX Pro program on your Android or iOS device from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, respectively.

Open the app and turn the printer on and print the QR code immediately.

The app prompts you to check the QR Code, which then pairs the two devices and the program with the printer via Bluetooth 4.0.

You don’t need to connect your printer with your smartphone or tablet through the former Bluetooth control panel.

Before reading the instructions, I tried that, and while my Android device saw the printer right away, it went wrong when trying to attach.

After locating and connecting to your printer, the PrintX Pro app opens to your home screen, ready to print.

PrintX Pro Pocket Photo Printer app home screen

A few of the six options on the homepage, such as AR (audio record) and Text Recognition (OCR) or optical character recognition for converting scanned text to editable text, seemed out of place.

I couldn’t find out why, for example, you would want to make recordings in label printer software, even though OCR is convenient to carry hardcopy text directly to your labels and other templates.

The PrintX Pro app offers a limited range of cliparts, including coloring-like drawings and puzzles, as well as some models for labels and lists.

You can also import graphics and images, and add text to build your own, and then save it to the Draft Box database app.

  • You can download a Free APP from Google by searching” Peripage” for your PC or Mobile.
  • Free iOS APP, just search the “Peripage” on the APP Store
  • Connect any type of smartphone easily and quickly with the Pocketprint™ trough Bluetooth within a few seconds.

Where To Buy PrintX Pro Pocket Photo Printer?

The manufacturer offer worldwide shipping with 50% discount with 3 years warranty. In addition, they offer express shipping so that we can get your PrintX Pro to you as fast as possible!

Frequently Asked Question About PrintX Pro

Can other Apps use the PrintX Pro to Print?

Other Apps need to be compatible with the printer technically, we will work with them and release the function in future.

Does it need ink cartridge?

No need, the printer head heat the thermal paper coating dot by dot and creates text or picture.

Can it have color printing?

It can use mono-color thermal paper such as blue, red, yellow, pink. There is color photo printers in the market.


Compact and well-built the PrintX Pro printer produces good-looking labels, stickers, receipts and more at comparatively low running costs, but you lose speed and other time-saving productivity features in return.

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