Save Sealer Review 2021: Best Portable Vacuum Sealer

Preserving food for a longer period without your food losing its taste or becoming sour and having a very disgusting look is one thing that everyone desires as no one wants to be exercising the work and stress of cooking at all times. Packaging food and mode of preservation of food is one issue that it seems no product has solved perfectly. And the big question, How best can I package my food?


A lot of inventions have come up,such as plastic containers ,flasks, polythene bags and recently vacuum sealer and Ziploc bags. However there is still the query as to the efficiency and suitability of this product , in respect of food preservation and which is the ideal medium for preservation.

However there is this product that has been gaining positive popularity amongst users, who testify as to its efficiency in food preservation. A lot testify that this product preserves food for a long time and amazingly preserves the taste of the food preserved. This product is the Save Sealer food sealer.

This product claims to be the perfect solution for food preservation. It boasts of its food friendliness , temperature resilience, durability, efficiency and affordability. Is it really what it claims to be, Does it do its job? In this save sealer review we shall help you clear your doubts and provide all the Information you need about the Savesealer food sealer bag. A product rocking the market space.

We shall review and provide information as to whether the product works, How does it work? Is it a Scam? How to use the product? Benefits of using the product, features of the product and Customer reviews about the product. You want to know if this could end your food preservation and storage worries, then hang on as we review the Save Sealer, together.

What is Save sealer?

SaveSealer is a handheld vacuum food sealer that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh using BPA-free air-tight seal bags for safe long term storage while freeing up space in the freezer, fridge or pantry.

SaveSealer Bags

The device claims to improve freshness, even for foods that are being placed in the freezer. You can also use it for sous vide cooking, meal prep, bulk shopping, travel, storing leftovers, and more.

At a time where emergency preparedness is at an all time high, from face masks or hand sanitizers to UV light sanitizers and survival kits, adding a quality food and money saving device to the kitchen could be quite a handy and useful tool to have available.

Features of Savesealer

Easy to Use

Anyone can use the SaveSealer! Place food inside the bag, connect the vacuum nozzle, and push the button to suck out air. Preserve cheeses, vegetables, fruits, meats or dry foods with optimal results. The thick bags also come in handy to achieve perfect Sous Vide cooking every time.

Improves Food Quality

Imagine eating crisp, crunchy salads that last all week long! That’s the power of SaveSealer. It barricades food from oxygen, while locking in vital nutrients and flavor. Food stays fresher 5x longer than with Saran wrap. No more wilted leaves or brown avocados- just incredibly tasty food!

SaveSealer pump sucks out all the air

The Ultimate Space Saver

Food containers take up precious fridge space and create unnecessary clutter. With SaveSealer’s streamlined bags it’s easy to stack or file away food to fully maximize space. Now, you can find your next meal without digging through a pile of boxes, and best of all, you can fit twice as much in your fridge!

Bring It Anywhere

Like a trusty sidekick, bring the SaveSealer along on your next camping trip or to a backyard BBQ. It’s compact and lightweight, sliding into any bag with ease. Don’t worry about tangled wires either, this vacuum sealer is cordless! Charge it up with a standard USB cable for hours of use indoors or outdoors.

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The Eco Friendly Choice

In this day and age, we’re all doing our best to live more sustainably. The SaveSealer makes it easy, by reducing food waste and the reliance on single-use plastic. Instead of getting subpar results from Saran wrap, why not actually enjoy fresher food? One simple product switch is all it takes to improve overall quality of life.

In respect of functionality, the Save Sealer system has two parts:

The first part is sealable plastic bags. They come in several different sizes. You just put meat or any other food into them, just like you would with a regular ziploc bag. The special thing is these bags have a little valve on them. And that’s where the second part of Save Sealer comes in.

Part two of the Save Sealer system is a little pump that connects to the valve on each bag. Click the pump into the little valve on the bag, press a button, and watch as the bag gets sucked in and clings tightly to the food you’ve stored inside. All the air has just been removed. And you know what that means? That’s right. No air, no freezer burn. No freezer burn, and your food stays fresh and tasty instead of becoming disgusting. But that’s not all.

Save Sealer has been a revolution in my kitchen. Yesterday, I defrosted two steaks. They were sealed in SaveSealer bags. There was zero freezer burn. When they thawed, there was no runoff liquid and the color was a perfect red.The bags themselves are quick and convenient. They are washable and reusable indefinitely.

How does the Save Sealer work?

Lay the plastic zip closure bag flat with the air valve facing up and fill it with your favorite foods. Push out air with your hands and zip the bag closed.

Attach the SaveSealer vacuum sealer and click the button to suck out excess air in seconds.

The vacuum sealer will stop automatically when all of the air is out and you can store the bag in the freezer, fridge or pantry for later use.

The SaveSealer vacuum sealer comes with large and small bags. You place food in the bag, then connect the bag to SaveSealer. The device seals out oxygen and moisture within seconds.

Benefits of Save Sealer

Food Stays Deliciously Fresh Savesealer seals in freshness, flavor – and nutrients, for up to 5x longer that saran wrap or Tupperware. It boasts the same accuracy and efficiency as the big, bulky sealers without any of the hassle.

Meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits are kept in pristine condition for days. Even leftovers taste delicious. Best of all, you’ll save money because you’ll throw away less food and you won’t have to buy saran wrap.

SaveSealer is perfect for Sous Vide cooking, meal prep, bulk shopping, travel, storing leftovers and camping Keeps Food Fresh,Locks In Taste Preserves Nutrition and most importantly it Saves time & Money.

savesealer coupon

Preserves the taste and freshness of fruit, vegetable, fish, meats and cheeses. You can also save cooked food that you want to eat later.

Less Waste: Stop throwing away rotten food and single-use plastic wrap, the BPA-Free reusable bags help cut kitchen waste by 50% and keep a clean environment.

The SaveSealer vacuum sealer comes with large and small bags. You place food in the bag, then connect the bag to SaveSealer. The device seals out oxygen and moisture within seconds

SaveSealer is guaranteed to preserve freshness, according to the official manufacturer. The airtight seal purportedly helps food “stay fresher 5x longer than it would with Saran wrap, foil, or Tupperware”

You can use SaveSealer to preserve foods you wouldn’t normally be able to preserve. You can seal avocado, for example, and prevent it from going brown. SaveSealer can prevent even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy.

Portable: Since the SaveSealer is light and compact, you can bring it anywhere, including camping trips, picnics or backyard parties.

You can also use SaveSealer for sous vide cooking, saving space in your freezer, traveling or camping, and more.

Space Saver: Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer or pantry while maximizing space. Now, it’s easy to navigate your kitchen and find ingredients in a snap.

Each SaveSealer purchase comes with reusable BPA-free bags. You can buy a variety of small and large bags for all purposes

The versatile nature of the SaveSealer makes it compatible with several different kinds of foods, regardless of if they are cooked, raw, dry, or wet. Specifically, the website lists grains, meats, seafood, cereals, produce, cheese, soups, nuts, and leftovers.

And very importantly, Consumers can reduce the containers multiple times. As they are made of a thick and durable plastic, they can be washed and reused repeatedly.

Does the Savesealer Food bags Really work or is it a Scam?

It actually does work.This is one of the testimony of Michael Roland , who categorically states his experience with the product

Yesterday, I brought home the most beautiful porterhouse steak I’ve ever laid eyes on. I decided to marinate it overnight inside a SaveSealer bag.

The set comes with different sized bags, and I chose the largest one. It’s really thick and didn’t have that nasty plastic smell, so I immediately felt good knowing that my meat wasn’t being exposed to harmful chemicals.

I added my secret marinade and then sealed the bag. I attached the vacuum to the air valve- perfect fit. It took under a minute to suck out all of the air.

Save Sealer Review

Now, I’m writing this after devouring the steak for dinner. Wow…what an explosion of flavor! Every bite of meat was juicy and tender- as if it came straight from the butcher that day.

I used the bags to store meat, vegetables and leftovers. The hand held vacuum is super easy to use. I especially like that I can charge it with a USB cord instead of dealing with batteries or annoying wires.

The bags have a zip closure, so you can use them multiple times. When I needed to clean a bag, I just put it in the dishwasher and the air valve didn’t warp or stretch out. I can tell this company uses quality materials to make these bags.

In just a week I could already see a huge improvement with my saved food. No more force-feeding myself soggy salads! At first, I didn’t have any expectations, that this was just another kitchen appliance to collect dust in a cabinet.

I couldn’t be more wrong. I ended up using the SaveSealer every single day. It’s fast, efficient and my food has never been fresher”. From this testimony it is evident that the save sealer is not a scam but actually works.

Pros/advantages of the Save Sealer bag

  • Saves Money: The efficient SaveSealer design decreases food waste and puts an end to single-use plastic wrap. You save money in the long run with one simple product switch.
  • Eco Friendly: The SaveSealer system features reusable, BPA-free bags that make it easy to live more sustainably without sacrificing quality of life.
  • Delicious Food: Imagine eating crisp, tasty salads that last all week long! That’s the power of the SaveSealer. It barricades food from oxygen, retaining vital nutrients and flavor.
  • Easy to Use: Anyone can use the SaveSealer Place food inside the bag, connect the vacuum nozzle to the bag valve, and push the button to seal. It’s really that simple.
  • Portable: Since the SaveSealer is light and compact, you can bring it anywhere, including camping trips, picnics or backyard parties.
  • Space Saver: Tightly sealed bags allow you to stack and file away food in your fridge, freezer or pantry while maximizing space. Now, it’s easy to navigate your kitchen and find ingredients in a snap.
  • Versatile: You can use the SaveSealer to preserve cheeses, vegetables, fruits, meats or dry foods. The durable, BPA-Free bags can also be used to achieve perfect Sous Vide cooking every time. The SaveSealer offers a helpful and compact way to keep any food fresher.

The vacuum-sealing mechanism creates a seal about the food that keeps it just as fresh as the day it came home, using heavy duty bags.You can use SaveSealer to preserve foods you wouldn’t normally be able to preserve. You can seal avocado, for example, and prevent it from going brown. SaveSealer can prevent even the most sensitive food items from wilting or turning soggy.

The Vacuum Food Sealer is Giving Families a Better Way to Save Food & Money. Now, you can enjoy fresh food anytime without the hassle of plastic wrap and containers. The SaveSealer is small enough to fit in a drawer, but powerful enough to quickly suck out every drop of air from bag-saved food. Meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits are kept in pristine condition for days!

Whether you buy food in bulk for storage, like to prep meals for the week or enjoy Sous Vide cooking, this incredibly versatile system allows you to handle food YOUR way without the waste.



Removing oxygen from the packaging is a main advantage to vacuum packing. Certain bacteria that cause spoilage need oxygen to grow and reproduce. Without oxygen the food will last much longer because the bacteria can’t “do their thing.”

But the advantage a low-oxygen environment creates can also be a disadvantage. There are types of bacteria that cause diseases which prefer low oxygen environments and grow well in vacuum packed foods.

If you feel the food you have is clean and uncontaminated, this should not be a problem, but if there is any question about the safety, do not vacuum pack the food, as you would just be creating a perfect breeding ground for some bad bacteria, such as botulism.

Sealing food in vacuum packs does not eliminate the need to handle it properly. You need to store frozen food in the freezer and thaw in an appropriate manner to minimize bacteria growth.

Also, a vacuum seal is not a heat process that kills bacteria, so if they were there when you started, they will still be there when you open the package. Vacuum packing does not automatically make food safe and eliminate the need to take precautions.

Continue to be vigilant with food safety.

Vacuum sealing requires vacuuming all your air out of your bag. A suction pump will suck out all the air from the bag. In this process the food inside faces pressure and if not being carefully curated the food may lose its initial integrity and get crushed.

So don’t use the vacuum option or just don’t vacuum seal crushable foods – find some other ways to do.While a vacuum packaging may give you a lot of bonus points in the health safety issue but this is not your silver bullet against food perversion.

If your food was contaminated, to begin with vacuum packaging will not disinfect them. So if you’re getting a vacuum sealer just to avoid that you need much more than a vacuum sealer.

Another very important drawback is that bags are fragile and can tear easily. Even the smallest hole can compromise the quality of the seal and cause food items to spoil. Keep in mind that oxygen is the number one thing to avoid when storing foods for the long-term.

Oxygen is what bacteria and other microorganisms need to start to degrade food. Consequently, if you accidentally tear bags, you will need to consume the product as quickly as possible.

Bags are also more prone to being chewed open by rats, rodents or other scavengers. You will most likely need to find a container for storing the bags in order to keep them from view.

  • It is only available online
  • Not available in physical stores and can only be ordered online
  • No specifications as to whether it stores soup or liquid food.

Customers Reviews of Save Sealer

“I love my SaveSealer, it is just the easiest device and works great. The bags are made from thickly layered plastic that can be washed in the dishwasher. I am especially impressed that the materials haven’t warped or stretched after months of use. Highly recommend this brand.” Sofia Thompson

The best system I’ve found

With 3 kids, I’m always looking for convenient, fast ways to work in the kitchen. When it comes to saving space and preserving food, this is the best system I’ve found. SaveSealer is Mom Approved!- Angel bill

Cut my weekly meal prep time

I got rid of my cumbersome sealing machine and cut my weekly meal prep time in half by using the SaveSealer. I love how small it is, and so easy to use.And I did not notice any difference in taste- Adebanjo coker.

I put SaveSealer to the test after reading tons of 5 star reviews, and I have to say- the reviews don’t lie. I noticed a huge difference in taste, especially with fruits and vegetables.- Michael will

Where Can I Buy Save Sealer Food Bags?

The SaveSealer is NOT available in physical stores. You can only buy it online from the original supplier here. Order now with the link below and get an exclusive 40% off while supplies last. Don’t wait- it’s been difficult to keep this on the shelves!

Frequently Asked questions (Save sealer review)

Are the bags reusable?

The bags are manufactured using thick, durable BPA plastic. They can be washed and reused multiple times .

Does SaveSealer require batteries?

No, the SaveSealer comes with its own USB cable for easy plug-in charging.

Is this idea for Sous Vide cooking?

The bags are BPA-free and multi-layered for health and durability. As well, you’ll receive seal clips for the bags especially for Sous Vide cooking.

What types of food can I save with this?

You can use SaveSealer to preserve any type of cooked, raw, wet or dry food. This includes marinated meats, fruits, vegetables, herbs, soups, cheese, nuts, leftovers, grains, cereals, sauces, seafood, etc.

Does it prevent freezer Burn?

Yes, the vacuum sealer effectively removes all oxygen and moisture so food stays fresh longer, even in the freezer. You can also use it to store food in the refrigerator and pantry.

Has anyone used this manual pump? How does it work?

It’s super simple. Just put the pump on the bag and press the button. It sucks out the air in a second.

What size bags does it come with?

You get 3 small bags and 2 large bags with the starter pack.

Can you get extra bags or replacements?

Yes, you can order more bags if you need. But each bag is reusable, you can just wash it.

Do vacuum sealers actually work?

The vacuum bag keeps your food from contact with the air, so moisture cannot evaporate, making it an excellent barrier from the elements. The shelf life of your food is greatly extended when you vacuum seal it. Vacuum sealing food preserves it 3 to 5 times longer than food stored in plastic containers or bags..

Can vacuum sealer bags be put in the microwave?

Yes, you can heat up your cooked foods in a vacuum sealer bag, but it is not advisable to cook raw foods in a microwave. If you want to heat up food in the microwave, you will need to cut one corner of the bag before putting it in the microwave so that the steam can escape out of the bag.

It is not advisable to microwave foods that contain a lot of oil, because oil can get very hot. If a sealer bag overheats in a microwave, it can cause the end portion of the bag to joint back together again and, if you heat food in a sealed bag, the bag could explode, which would make a lot of mess inside the microwave.

How to fix the broken vacuum sealer bags?

If you think that a bag has a hole in it and the air it has entered it, you have a few options.
First of all, examine the bag thoroughly and look for any obvious holes and for any wrinkles in the bag that might have caused the leakage. If the air is getting in through the seal, you can simply cut open the bag and reseal it further up the open end of the bag.

Sometimes, moisture can prevent the bag sealing properly. If this is the case, you can wipe a paper towel over the area of the bag that is to be sealed and the towel will absorb the moisture.
Unfortunately, if the bag has become punctured, you will have to replace the bag with a new one.

How safe are vacuum sealer bags?

Vacuum sealer bags are completely safe, but the quality may vary from brand to brand, so check that the brand that you are using is suitable for the purpose that you are using it for.
For example, is it freezer safe, is it microwavable, and is it ok to boil the bag up to 100 degrees? These are the basic advantages you can get from the best vacuum sealer bags. Most vacuum sealer bags are also BPA free.

Conclusion (Save sealer Review)

Going through the features, Benefits pros and cons,it can be deduced that savesealer is a good technology especially in the area of food preservation.

From the reviews it is evident that the product is meant for you and to help you curb the stress of cooking always , promising you that your food. would be fresh and tasty ,crisp as you want them. Go check out Save Sealer today!

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