TotalTrim Pro Reviews: Must-Have Hair & Beard Trimmer

Grooming is one of the most important tasks for males these days. Every male is super conscious about his hairstyle and the way that his beard is set. This makes it very important for the males to have a proper trimming session once a month for the head and the beard, males usually prefer to have a proper trimming or shaving in two weeks or less. Going to a salon is not so feasible for people as it takes up a lot of time and spending frequently over this is not affordable too sometimes. Especially for the teenagers who recently start to get beards, they cannot go to the barber now and then. Thus it is important for them that they learn to groom themselves and males have been using razors and trimmers for quite a long time now. There are many kinds of shaving kits and trimmers available in the market and finding out the best one at affordable prices is also a task for males. Thus choosing the right product for their grooming is important as it shapes their look.

TotalTrim Pro Review

TotalTrim Pro is the right choice for people who want to get the best trimmer at an affordable price. The best thing about this product is that it is not just a single trimmer with a set size for trimming, it is a complete kit of trimmer heads that people can use to shape their beard and even trim hairs of eyebrows and nose, and ears. This means that males can have complete grooming done all by themselves with just a single trimmer with different heads. The product runs on lithium-ion batters that are rechargeable and the box comes with a charger too. TotalTrim Pro is thus the best option available in the market when it comes to giving the best product for trimming to the users.

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What is TotalTrim Pro?

Hair can exchange an entire look. Regardless of whether it’s far the hair on an individual’s head or all over, it can show up more established, more expert, more prominent easygoing, and loads of various looks. For each individual that holds estimation of their look, they might be specific around the way that they look, and it’s miles elusive a stylist that gives the exact look that the man depicts. Indeed, even if they do, the expense of a looking for master help might be many dollars as indicated by a year, and that is a worth that almost anybody may be fulfilled to lessen. For folks which may be happy to take the time themselves, there’s TotalTrim Pro.

TotalTrim Pro Features

TotalTrim Pro offers clients with the entire thing that somebody wishes a decent method to convey themselves the preparing that they need to have. Moreover, this bundle isn’t care for others that necessitate that the client realize the best approach to make the legitimate appearance as of now. All things considered, for any men that need to endeavor something new or having managed their own hair sooner than, the procurement of TotalTrim Pro accompanies get admission to detached Professional Barber Master Classes. These exercises will show clients an approach to utilize their bundle, simultaneously as giving them new skills inside the strategy for a basic hair style, developing new points, managing the facial hair, molding and finishing up a facial hair growth, and that’s just the beginning.


TotalTrim Pro comes with a complete grooming kit for males. This product has become quite popular in the market as it is affordable and it can help males completely groom themselves and thus eliminate the need to go to a barber. The kit contains one single trimmer that can be used to do multiple tasks. The head of this trimmer can be removed and different trimming heads can be installed to use them for trimming. The heads are of various types too and this means that the users have precision and tools for their grooming and then all they have to do is learn how to properly groom themselves. This product is a boon for the corporate working males as they do not have enough time to go and get a trim and hence they can use this to get their grooming done. TotalTrim Pro Cordless Beard Trimming Machine is thus the best choice available for males to get a groomed and cleaner look.


Total Trim Pro Multiple Heads Hair Trimming Machine provides the complete grooming kit and lubricant oil in the pack. The contents of this package are shipped in a hard cardboard box so that the product does not get damaged in the shipping and delivery. The contents which people get are:

  • Primary trimmer head: This is the biggest trimmer head. It is for trimming the hair on the head or the beard which has grown long. It can trim from the range of 1mm to 6 mm. This number is done for the length of hair to be left and not the hair to be trimmed.
  • Secondary trimmer head: It is a precision head and can trim off hair to an even smaller scale. People can use it to get a finer beard or get a zero-sized beard. The hair size goes from 0.5mm to 3mm.
  • Shaver: This is also a trimmer head but it kind of plucks out the finest hair threads and makes it look like the user has shaved.
  • Roundhead trimmer: As the name suggests, it has a round small head that can be used to cut ear hair, eyebrow hair, or nose hair.
TotalTrim Pro Benefits


Total Trim Pro Cordless Hair Trimmer Machine is very easy to use. The installation guide for different heads over the trimmer is provided along with the trimmer. There also is a battery charger that comes along with the product. It gives a battery backup of around 4 hrs at a full charge which is enough to last 15 days for the males to use.


TotalTrim Pro Multi-Functional Hair Trimmer comes with a complete manufacture warranty of one year. There is a stamped warranty card that comes in the product box and people can register for a warranty at the official site of the product.

Totaltrim Pro Review – What is this gadget all about?

Totaltrim Pro is a cordless and rechargeable hair cutting machine that anyone can use at home for professional hair trimming. It is outstanding and gives perfect result as long as you stick to the instructions for using it. Unlike many other hair cutting machines, it does not cause any irritation or harm to your body, it only does the job of hair trimming and not skin cutting.

Total trim hair trimming is very easy to use. Most times the problem with these modern technologies is that buyers find them difficult to use. You must be a techy type for you to enjoy most of these products even after spending a huge percentage of your income on them. Totaltrim Pro is an exception to this, it does not require any skills neither do you need assistance to put it in use. It gives you the opportunity to choose the cutting type you desire.

If you are a newbie and you don’t know how to go about these things, do not worry. Totaltrim Pro Review has got you covered. It has different trimming comb that you can select from for different trimming lengths so you won’t have to rely on your own skills when you are just getting started with self-trimming. This enables you to acquire a lot of skills so you can even shave without combs.

It is portable and easy to carry about. Why not give it a try? It comes with a special type of razor for beard trimming. You will never encounter any hassle when using this hair cutting machine irrespective of your hair density. Totaltrim Pro got a lot to offer and we’d do well to disclose as much as possible in this TotalTrim pro review.

Where to buy TotalTrim pro?

It is best to purchase your own Totaltrim Pro from the producer. You can’t find the original product in any retail shops around, they are only made available at the official product page. Do not give middlemen and other scammers in the name of sellers a chance to rip you off your money. Buy your own directly from the manufacturer to be sure of getting the right hair trimming machine at an affordable price.

Your purchasing details are also well secured and you won’t lose anything to criminals. In the event that you are not satisfied with the machine you can apply for refund of your money or discuss a replacement plan with them. They will be glad to entertain your dissatisfaction and offer the best solution possible to it.

Final verdict (Total Trim Pro Review)

There are numerous machines for trimming hair in the market but making choice has always been an arduous task and challenging to buyers.

Totaltrim Pro is a reliable hair cutter that will make you look attractive while saving your time and money. Non of the features of this gadget stated here is a sham. It is very affordable and easy to use. It gives you professional look. It comes with different sizes of comb that you can select from to get the particular hair length you desire.

Totaltrim Pro is a five in one cordless hair dresser that anyone can use at the comfort of their home. Invest your money in it, you will never regret it. Get yours today!

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