UltraZoom Review 2021: Best Ultra Zoom Monocular Telescope

Ultra Zoom Review: Nature lovers thrive on spending quality time outdoors and observing things far and near. But viewing distant animals, mountains, and far away, sceneries has always been a challenge for adventurers. Make your mobile phone into a portable telescope!

UltraZoom Review

Having a telescope is quite essential, as objects of interest are usually far away. For example, while touring the wild, the animals won’t always be close by for a click. That’s when a monocular telescope comes in. Efficient, high-resolution monocular telescopes, when fitted with mobile phones, can give quality images that are lifelike. UltraZoom is an established brand while it comes to monoculars, and this review looks at how it works.

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Handy Monocular

A monocular is a compact optical device: it’s just like a pair of binoculars, but intended for one eye instead of two. It’s fundamentally a small telescope, created to bring distant objects into sharp close by focus. Technically it is a customized refracting telescope that is used to magnify images of faraway objects by passing light through a series of lenses and prisms. It turns out to be more compact and handy because of the application of specific prisms in its making. The distinctive weight and volume of a monocular are very less compared to a pair of binoculars with the same optical properties, making a monocular compact and portable. It’s also less expensive, proportionally.

What is Ultrazoom Monocular?

UltraZoom is a monocular telescope designed using sophisticated technologies like thin-film mosaic technology and nano-array technology. According to manufacturers, various common optical errors have been reduced here through methods like nano-etching in its lens for best results. This telescope offers people an expanded view of the sceneries and has the ability to capture top quality images easily. It is also compatible with most mobile phones, and this makes it comfortable for all users as they can share and transfer photos quickly. UltraZoom has a smart design that is scientifically developed by the manufacturers, which makes it easy to carry during adventure trips, hiking, and bird watching. It can also be fitted to a tripod for a more stabilized view.

Technology Behind UltraZoom

UltraZoom monocular is scientifically designed using the following technologies:

  • Nano-Etching Technology – Chemical removal of layers in material using Nanotechnology is called Nano-Etching. Here in UltraZoom , Nano-Etching is used in creating a precise lens that gives clear results with reduced errors and high magnification.
  • Nano-Array Technology– Nanoparticles are arrayed into materials, to obtain better optical images through Nanoscience. In recent years, materials that use Nano-Array technology have become powerful tools, due to the precision and accuracy of their results.
  • Thin-Film Mosaic Technology– Thin film condensation is a process that is used in fittings of UltraZoom mainly because usual optical instruments have variable parameters that could lead to errors and blurred images. This problem is brilliantly corrected using this technology in UltraZoom.

Features of UltraZoom

UltraZoom Features
  • Compact and Portable – UltraZoom is easily portable as it is lightweight, and almost all mobile phones are compatible with it. The outer covering of the monocular is made using an alloy of Titanium that has high strength but less weight, and so, for people who love to explore while traveling, this is a handy and compact device to carry along.
  • Weather Resistant – It is made using rust-free, shockproof material, which makes it resistant to dust and water. It endures rain and snow very well, and users say it can be used while trekking and skiing.
  • Tripod 3D Gyroscope- This Monocular comes with an anti-shake design and special tripod 3D gyroscope that provides stable view with top-class magnification. UltraZoom monocular is known to have a higher performance than similar products out in the market, as it has an angle resolution that is 47 times higher comparatively.
  • Crystal Clear View – According to the manufacturers of UltraZoom, it gives the best quality optical results as it has improvised 30 times with the luminous flux than the normal products. The clarity of view is ensured by the sophisticated lens that has a higher magnification.
  • Night Vision Technology– This monocular has an integrated night vision technology that helps observe and capture objects during night time with utmost clarity. This way, it helps to capture images in dark and poorly lit areas too. That’s also why it stands apart from other products.

UltraZoom Benefits

  • Shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof design – Its O-ring optics are sealed to prevent dust, moisture, and debris.
  • The outside shell is made from superior titanium alloy and durable strength. It only weighs 1.1 pounds, and that makes it convenient to carry in your backpack when camping, traveling, or hunting.
  • Portable and suitable for wilderness explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s handheld and perfect for surveillance and bird watching.
  • Compatible with all Android and Smartphone devices
  • It comes with built-in functionality that enables you to observe images at night.
  • Reasonably priced

How Does UltraZoom Work?

UltraZoom is a handy monocular telescope that works using the principle of lenses and prisms to capture distant objects with great clarity. It’s just like a single half piece of a pair of binoculars, and so, the viewer has to use only one eye for obtaining images. Magnification of a lens used in UltraZoom is 300 times, so far away objects can be viewed and captured with maximum clarity. Advanced night vision technology has also been embedded into this device, and so users can carry it along during night trips. It can be handheld or even fitted to a tripod for more stability.

UltraZoom can also be connected to almost all mobile phones and does not need any apps for running. Due to its compatibility features, captured images can be stored, retrieved, and shared easily and instantly. According to manufacturers, it doesn’t get scratched or broken as it is shock resistant. It can be used during rain and snow as highly durable materials are used in the making.

Pros of UltraZoom

  • UltraZoom is a handy device.
  • It can be used to observe and capture distant objects.
  • It is easily portable.
  • No special skill required for operating.
  • It is compatible with most smart devices.
  • It can be used during nights and poorly lit areas.
  • It can be fitted to a tripod.
  • Photos can be stored and shared instantly.
  • UltraZoom can be used during night trips.
  • It has a trendy design.
  • It uses the latest technology.
  • It is waterproof and shockproof.

Cons of UltraZoom

  • The product is available for purchase only at the official website.

Where to buy Ultrazoom Monocular?

When you decide to buy a product, always make sure that you check the official website. You can order the Ultrazoom telescope from their official website with the warranty cards. They offer special discounts through the website to the customers, besides the free shipping. The deals are mostly for a limited period, so make sure that you get the telescope at that time if you expect to buy at a lower price than actual rates. You may find this product’s availability on fake websites at lower prices or with offers, so make sure you are purchasing from the official store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultrazoom Monocular


For ardent travelers and adventurers, viewing distant objects and clicking quality pictures is very important. However, cameras and mobile phones have their own limitations when it comes to faraway objects and sceneries. And that’s when a smart and handy monocular telescope-like UltraZoom comes in. This monocular stands apart with the latest technologies embedded in it to give users top class images with higher resolution. As it is compatible with most mobile devices, connecting and sharing happens easily. Users say that they enjoy world class photos through this device, and as it is simple and easy to use, it is hailed by many as an amazing optical device.

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